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What is Clox?
Clox is a time-based accessories brand known for its patented stilettos with fully functional, custom made clocks.

Who we are?
Clox is a brand created by Mia Marić - the founder and creative director of the Clox brand. It combines fashion design, graphic design, photography, brand strategy, advertising and social media to create a truly original, very comfortable shoe brand, hand-made in a family-owned factory. The stiletto-clock idea was conceived in the end of 2008, and a year after Mia decided to make her dream a reality and began working on the project. Clox first campaign was launched in February of 2012 when her shoes were first introduced to the Croatian market.

Why a clock on the shoes?

Clock has an interesting round shape, so the first reason is decorative. However, like footsteps, moving clock legs are dynamic. Clox legs are running in circles day after day, showing the irony of steps and time and its connection with every modern woman's life. Clox is the answer for today's busy rhythm of life and repetitive actions that we're making day after day.

Where did the idea come from?
Mia always asked herself - are we going forward or running in circles like the legs on the clock? Ever since she was little, she always lived in between dreams and reality, her obsession with time grew bigger and somewhere in her imagination Clox was created. Clox was the answer to her everyday struggle between steps and time.

Mia's obsession with time was evident from a young age. She was constantly trying to win a race against it, and considers every second of her life a unique moment. Today Mia thinks that time goes differently for all of us. Sometimes time is going faster and sometimes slower, depending on our state of mind, body and breathing. We can speed up the time by constantly running and slow it down if we take a moment and breathe slowly...

Time zone shoes

Clocks on shoes don't need to show the right time, or same time. We advise you to play with your time and set your left foot in one time zone and the right foot in another! When batteries stop just replace them the same way you would do it on your wristwatch, or you can set the legs in the Clox logo position.

Who is Clox made for?
Clox stilettos and ballerinas are perfect footwear for every confident young woman who knows how to manage time and use it to her advantage. They're elegant, yet unique and rebellious stilettos with character, that can make you ask yourself if you use your time well. Clox Timeless Straps are unisex accessories that you can wear in many creative ways.

Clox shoes are produced in Croatian and Italian factories. They are made of premium Italian leather, carefully selected rubber or the best leather soles. The clocks are custom made from the Clox logo, fitted with batteries and show time. When they run out, batteries are easily replaced - same as a regular watch.

Clox in the future
Clox will be developed as unique and luxurious accessories brand that will always question time and play with it. Clox will be always produced in small limited edition collections available through web shop and in the future through Clox retail stores.