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Who is Mia Mar?

Who is Mia Mar?

Mia Mar, a 35-year-old fashion and graphic designer with a creative and artistic soul likes handmade artisan production and dreams about starting her own shop at an old factory one day. Ever since Mia started working at a marketing and advertising agency, she has always dreamt about creating her own brand. The hardest thing for her was to decide which one of the million amazing concepts to put on paper and develop as her brand. Her spirit flies high, constantly coming up with new ideas. Probably that’s why she’s passionate about meditation, which helps her make right decisions and live a calmer life. Mia Mar is the creative behind her same-name brand of shoes and accessories.

Mia Mar Brand

Mia Mar’s unique shoes and accessories are produced in Europe and they are real-life objects embodying her wild imagination, and urge to play and create. All concepts and stories behind the collections are distinctive and innovative, and Mia is involved in all aspects of creating her own brand. Mia has designed the Mia Mar logo, she is taking photos of every new collection and product and takes care of the web shop herself. She also gives the final production touches, like shoe illustrations and final shoe accessories. Of course, her ideas are behind every model and collection.

Mia Mar Collections

CLOX is the first collection and Mia used Clox as the brand name for the first seven years. This collection is unique because it included the world’s first stilettos with working watches. The watch hands are replaced by legs, running in circles day after day, showing the irony of steps and time and its connection with every modern woman's life. Clox is the answer for today's busy rhythm of life and repetitive actions that we're doing day after day. Are we going forward or running in circles, just like the legs on the watch? The watches on shoes are actually working and showing us two time zones, one on each shoe, telling us how every step is dividing us from the past and the future.

IT'S TIME FOR heel model has replaceable badges that come with every pair of shoes, allowing you to change the style as you wish. Badges are designed, rewritable and custom made just for you. Possibility of sending your Instagram or Facebook photo was a chance to have perfect personalised "happy birthday" or "bride" shoes!

TIME MACHINE was a bag collection made from 100% Napa leather, decorated with interchangeable metal pins. Pins make it possible for everyone to create their own unique time machine by ordering the desired years of travel, special date or hour, parts of time machine engine, or designing a smiling humanoid machine. Each Time Machine bag is different and comes with pins arranged by the designer. If you get bored with a pin setup, you can change it yourself. Don’t forget, in order to have a safe time travel you must not intervene in the time period you visit. Be only a hidden observer.

NEW STORY model is a block heel pump with a book on the shoe front and a pencil and eraser on the shoe strap. It talks about new beginnings, new stories that we’re making with each step we take. Mia Mar is not all about fashion any more, so part of the collection is a wooden pencil with a wire you can shape yourselves and create your own name or drawing.

NUDE is an ironic skin tone sandal that was the answer to all overpromised "nude collections" from other designers. Mia Mar decided to make the first truly nude shoe, where naked male silhouettes are hugging your foot. The male body silhouette is hand painted by Mia Mar, making each one unique. This funny and ironic model will make you stand out in a crowd, while at the same time looking elegant and unique.

BOUQUET is a limited edition collection, with a unique shoe model featuring different flower bouquets arranged by Mia Mar. This model features ideal shoes for all passionate flower fans who love them but can't own them, because they wilt! These won't.