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Terms of sale on CLOX.HR

The access to the CLOX.HR website and all the data contained thereon shall not be subject to the conditions and provisions set out below. By accessing the CLOX.HR website you are bound to respect the following Terms and rules, and you are considered to have agreed with them.


The procedure and terms of sale on the webpages of the CLOX.HR webshop shall be defined by the following parameters: order, payment, dispatch, delivery, and return of the purchased product. The supplier of the ordered and paid-for product shall be the Product Designer, while the Intermediary for the sale shall be CLOX.HR, or Clox services, owned by the CLOX.HR webshop.

CLOX.HR enables the purchase of the entire range of products offered by the CLOX.HR webshop.

The Customer shall mean any person who supplies the required information and orders (purchases) at least one product via electronic means.


Clox services

CLOX d.o.o.
ADRESS: Čajkovčeva 17, 10000 Zagreb
OIB 04497440497, MBS 080929902
Rješenje o upisu Tt-14/19584-4
Temeljni kapital 20.000,00 u cijelosti uplaćen u novcu
OWNER: Mia Marić


Products may be ordered twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.

A product can be ordered by selecting the desired product electronically and placing it into the cart. The product shall be considered as purchased at the moment of receiving a proof of its payment.

CLOX.HR undertakes to supply all purchased products or, where a product is unavailable, to offer an alternative product or to return the entire amount paid, in which case CLOX.HR shall contact the customer by telephone or e-mail and offer an alternative product or to return the entire amount paid.


The Customer undertakes to pay CLOX.HR for the purchased products using the method selected while ordering the products.

All prices shall be expressed in the Croatian national currency – the Croatian kuna (HRK), VAT inclusive.

Supported methods of payment

Possible methods of payment include:

  • credit/debit cards
  • general payment slip
  • credit transfers
  • Internet banking by a transfer to the seller’s account
  • cash on delivery

Supported credit/debit cards: American Express®, MasterCard®, Maestro®, Diners and Visa.

Currency exchange statement

All payments are made in Croatian kuna. The amount that will be charged to your credit card was obtained by conversion of prices from dollars into Euros or Pounds Sterling to the current exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank (HNB). When charging your credit card, the same amount is converted into your currency at the exchange rate of the credit card companies. Because of this conversion is possible small difference between the original price and the prices on our website.


The purchased product shall be packaged so that it cannot be damaged during normal handling in transport. Upon receipt of the purchased product, the Customer shall inspect it for possible damage, and report any damage to the deliverer. The Supplier shall be liable for any damage occurred during transport, and therefore the Customer shall inspect the delivered product during its receipt so that the damage may be reported to the deliverer. Where the damage occurs independently of the transport.


CLOX.HR undertakes to protect the privacy of all its customers and CLOX.HR website users. All information listed in the customers’ payments (except card numbers subject to the rules below) shall be kept strictly, and shall only be available to those employees for whom the information is necessary to perform their tasks.

The CLOX.HR web shop does not save card numbers.

All CLOX.HR web shop employees, as well as their business partners, shall be liable for respecting the principles of privacy protection. CLOX.HR shall use the e-mail addresses listed in the newsletter as a means of communication between CLOX.HR and the Customer. If so requested by the Customer, CLOX.HR shall remove his e-mail address from the newsletter mailing list. All information shall be confidential and available only to the employees of CLOX.hr.


The input of personal and credit card information is protected by the 128-bit SSL protocol supplied by the T-Com PayWay online credit card authorisation system. The authorisation and payment by card is carried out via the real-time PBZ Card Web Studio of the T-Com PayWay system. The webpages on which the credit card information is entered do neither save the entered information nor store credit card numbers in databases.


Customer registration is not mandatory; it is offered as an option after your first purchase.

If you decide to register, the data entered shall be used solely for the purpose of purchasing products and establishing a business contact, and shall not be used for any other purpose or be made available to third parties.


The services provided to you by CLOX.HR shall not include costs generated by using the computer equipment and services for accessing our website. CLOX.HR shall not be liable for any telephone costs or any other costs that may arise.

Please bear in mind that you use the website exclusively at your own risk. CLOX.HR does not provide any warranties, and shall in no way be liable for any direct or indirect damage that may be caused during the use of the services or related to the use of the website, service (server), applications (software) and the Internet. The Internet is an international, independent computer network not controlled by CLOX.HR in any way. CLOX.HR only depends on it, and thus cannot guarantee the availability of the service (server) not under its direct control. The web shop may at times be unavailable due to works, maintenance or introduction of new content.


All content published on these or other webpages of CLOX.HR, for example texts, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio and video, digital content, applications (software), photographs and other non-specified content published on these webpages, is owned either by CLOX.HR or its associates, and is protected by the domestic and international copyright and intellectual property law. Its use for other than a clearly fixed purpose is forbidden in all cases. Any infringement thereof shall be subject to sanctions.

You hereby agree to refrain from reproducing, copying or distributing the design or template of the CLOX.HR webpages, individual webpage elements, design, logo and clox brand without an explicit written approval of clox.


The CLOX.HR web shop includes links to other webpages, and the materials on those webpages are outside of control of CLOX.HR. Therefore CLOX.HR shall not be liable for the content of those webpages.


A part of the CLOX.HR website is intended for advertising. The advertisers shall ensure that such material complies with the legal standards and rules. CLOX.HR shall not be liable for any breaches of the law, errors and irregularities of the marketing materials.


Please note that the CLOX.HR web shop may update or change the data on its webpages at all times and without prior notice.


You hereby accept and subject yourself to the Croatian substantive law as the law exclusively applicable for the interpretation, application and legal effects of all permissions, inclusions and terms of use of this website. The Croatian courts shall have jurisdiction over or in respect of all claims and disputes arising from the use of the webpages in question.

The information published by CLOX.HR on these webpages shall be considered accurate and reliable at the time of its entry. However, CLOX.HR can neither guarantee the accuracy or truthfulness of any information contained on these webpages nor be responsible for any of the presented information, products or processes. To the fullest extent possible by law, CLOX.HR shall not be liable for any damage, loss or expenses incurred as a result of the use or the inability to use any information available on these webpages.


Clox Team