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Clox, an accessories brand connected through a universal story about time, presents its first bag collection inspired by vintage cuckoo clocks. The collection consists of three clutches and three backpacks designed in minimalistic style. One bag depicts old roman numeral clock, the second one a cuckoo bird clock, and third one a clock circle where clock hands used to be. The cuckoo bird - inspiration for this collection - symbolizes freedom from time. Sometimes it’s ok to let go of time and submit to what we enjoy no matter how long it lasts.


Perfection takes time, so this CLOX Collection is named Take Your Time. It reminds us how important it is to sometimes slow down and do it right. The photo campaign shows the production in a fun, surreal way, reminding us what every pair of shoes goes through before it ends up on our feet. All CLOX image campaigns tell stories about CLOX girls in a surreal and narrative way, as very passionate visual fairy tales.


Our mini-collection shows the perfect unisex Clox accessory for all the couples in love. It reminds us of how important it is to share time together. You can always give Clox Bow Time to your lover and borrow it yourself later!


Summertime is the first CLOX summer collection, quite special in that it consists of a sandal and a watch which can be taken off the shoe and worn separately as a necktie or a wristwatch. The new campaign, shot inside the Museum of Arts and Crafts, tells a summer adventure story about a passion for shoes and watches. It features a girl possessed by her desire for shoes, sneaking into the Museum at night in an attempt to steal the CLOX sandals on display. Her plan is foiled by the night guard who catches her and tries to remove the precious loot from her feet. However, she gets possessed by the beauty of the sandals as well! Giving in to their passions, both girls start their Summertime adventure, diving in a heap of CLOX candy boxes and merrily exploring the new models together.


Clox woman is never lost. Even when she wanders into The White Forest, she uses her intuition to find the very tree rich in juicy fruits of fashion. Passion Fruit Collection is nothing but a reflection of herself - uninhibited, independent, different. It's made for women who always choose to take the hidden path and dare reach for the forbidden fruit.


Amazing photographs by Mladen Šarić managed to capture a perfectly imperfect CLOX moment. A moment when a modern Master of Time surrenders herself to small passions of life, losing track of time, and ground under her feet. Showing a somewhat surreal view of stilettos and clock hands constantly racing with time, photos depict a woman that CLOX shoes were made for - a creative rebel who knows what she wants and uses time in her favor.